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Well I'm finally getting around to updating my site, I know, don't say it,

it's about time right?....LOL. I've been messing around with Paint Shop Pro

and making my own backgrounds. Please bear with me as I have a new

computer with a 17" monitor so this might not look right on your screen.

The font I am using is called Bridgnorth and I have created this page

using IE 4.0. Please visit the first link below as I have created that site

for my husband, please tell me what you think of it, Thanks.

This is my husband's page for which I have made for him and his work.

This site is of a very good friend of mine, he gave me my first award. Check

this site out for a lot of different kinds of backgrounds

This site is a great link to all your virtual places needs.

I have just been added to this site.

check out the 
   links at LINKS GALORE!!

Now, if you need the chat programs,

download here or here